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Yakima County, WA

Yakima County Public Services, Solid Waste Division, purchased the Paradigm Solid Waste Management Software System in 2006. Since implementation in November 2006, we have found the software to be very user friendly and the support staff have been wonderful to work with. The Paradigm staff are not only prompt in addressing issues that may occur but go out of their way to assist us as questions and issues arise.

The transition from our old canned software program went smoothly. The staff from Paradigm provided training for the administration staff and the scalehouse attendants, so our staff was at ease when the switchover took place. The reporting options are endless and the audit features are exceptional. with Paradigm Software, we are able to process customers fasterIt is very convenient to be able to review actual numbers flowing through from the scalehouses to the administration office. Since switching to Paradigm Software, we are able to process customers faster, provide more detailed reporting and have a more complex audit trail. Paradigm’s ability to modify the software to meet our specific needs has been a tremendous asset to the Solid Waste Division.

We are pleased to recommend Paradigm Software as a positive addition to any solid waste facility.

Wendy Mifflin
Solid Waste Manager

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Montgomery County, MD

In 1999, Montgomery County Maryland Division of Solid Waste Services was searching for a year 2000 compliant software to run in our Transfer Station and our Material Recovery Facility scale house. After investigating all the truck weighing- scale house software on the market, we selected Paradigm Software. Our customers are happy to breeze through our facilityParadigm’s CompuWeigh and WeighStation software feature a robust database backend, good reporting capability and is flexible, so that we can add workstations when we need them.

When the Division first started using Paradigm Software’s CompuWeigh and WeighStation Applications, we had two scale houses each with one computer with a total of 5 scales. The sites were not connected to the County’s network or to each other. As demand increased and infrastructure improved, we were able to change the configuration of our Paradigm Software to meet our needs.

Montgomery County is currently averaging 1,000 to 1,300 (varies by season) transactions a day in two scale houses. Last year, we went through a major site renovation, to meet the increases in demand. We added three new scales to our Transfer Station Scale house for a total of five scales. Our current Transfer Station setup has four WeighStation computers and five scales. One of these computers can make unattended transactions in a designated lane or can be used by the operator in the scale house. Our customers are very happy to breeze through our facility. It was very easy to expand to meet the needs of incoming tonnage.

Melissa Nolin
Information Technology Specialist

Columbia County, FL

We began looking for a new Scale Software program because of the Y2K scare. We had the opportunity to upgrade our current DOS based scale software program that we had to a windows based program, which was the most inexpensive way for us to go. We called our then current scale software program company and asked for a demo of the new windows upgrade software program and a list of references of the counties currently using the software. We began calling those counties, some of which have had the software program on line for several years (1 to 3 years) and were still having problems with retrieving data and were unable to use the report program, even after going through training classes, after finding out that not one county was satisfied with the software we began looking for other options available. even during the Thanksgiving holiday Chris gave us every phone number available to himWe called other counties to see what they were using and experiences that they have had. During this process we spoke with Alan Altman the Director for Clay County, they had the Paradigm CompuWeigh System installed and asked us to drive over and view the CompuWeigh System up and running. We did just that and were we surprised! To find that the system had so much flexibility and versatility to interface with an accounting software program and it was windows driven, considering we had to do all our reports and compile the data manually. Needless to say we were hooked. We immediately began the purchasing process. We got with Paradigm's Support team and they answered our questions, were very courteous and helpful during the purchasing process. Then came the installation of the CompuWeigh System and setting up the accounting program, and Training the staff. Paradigm sent us the finest as far as we were concerned, "Chris Holmes" he was so knowledgeable about the CompuWeigh System, he was patient with our staff during the training process, he made everything so simple for us, he went over and over everything to make sure we understood it. After the training and Chris left, we had some questions and some things we got stumped on and even though it was during the Thanksgiving holiday Chris gave us every phone number available for him to be reached even at his home, and he was glad to help with our situation. Thanks to Chris for all your help. We have had the CompuWeigh System now for about [19] years and are completely satisfied with it and are recommending it to other counties that call and ask what scale software program we are using. We still have to call and rely on the support team of Paradigm, Chris Holmes, Jackie Barlow, Chris Weglein and Phil Weglein from time-to-time and we have always gotten a quick response from them. Thanks to Paradigm for such a great Scale Software System.

Bill Lycan - Solid Waste Director
Pam Lashley - Office Manager

Rodman Solid Waste Management Facility, NY

When our facility was looking for a new software package that would accommodate our needs, I put a lot of time and effort in to researching all the latest programs available. I was very impressed with what Paradigm Software, L.L.C. had to offer. Your program provided the flexibility and capability that our landfill was looking for, while being very user-friendly. The customer service at Paradigm Software is exceptionalWe have been using the CompuWeigh System since September 1999 and have been very pleased with the results. The support staff at Paradigm was very helpful in tailoring the program to meet our needs. Paradigm has provided a great deal of assistance with our accounting software program that we download our billing information to, even though it is not part of the CompuWeigh System. I have found that I seldom have had to call Paradigm for technical assistance as the program has run so smoothly, but whenever I have placed a call, my questions have been answered expediently and explained in a manner that was comprehendible. The customer service at Paradigm Software is exceptional. I have received calls from other landfills that are exploring new software options and I cannot say enough good things about the CompuWeigh System and the people at Paradigm.

Jan M. Oatman
Customer Service Specialist

City of Ames, IA

Our Paradigm Software was installed in August of 1999. Paradigm sent Chris Holmes from their office to install our program and hardware, as well as to train all staff that would be involved in using it. The company was careful to accommodate our varying schedules to be sure everyone had a chance to use the new program and understand it before going 'live'. emergency numbers to call in the event that we needed help during non-traditional office hoursAfter the installation, Chris let us know that we could call any time to get help if we needed it. We also had emergency numbers to call in the event that we needed help during non-traditional office hours; this was very handy on a couple of Saturdays I can think of! Paradigm has been very responsive when we’ve needed to add things to our system; we tell them what we’d like the system to do for us, and they come up with just what we need. They’ve been able to fit their program to our rather unusual operation of our waste-to-energy system; we really appreciate the personal attention we’ve received from the company.

Lorrie E. Hanson
Principal Clerk

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