CompuRoute is an add-on module to ever powerful CompuWeigh System. The CompuRoute Module allows you to develop and maintain residential and commercial routes, track and maintain your container inventory, create dispatches, maps and you have complete control of all pricing associated with your operation.

If your facility is comprised of curbside pickup and/or dispatching and a landfill, transfer station, etc. you can track the load from the point of pick-up to the disposal at your site.

Service Address

The Service Addresses List window is a single location for all addresses associated with the bill account. A bill account can have one or many service addresses assigned. The information on the Service Addresses List window give the user additional information about each service address assigned to the bill account.

The user can see the detail of any service address by simply double clicking on the service address.

Service Address Detail

The Service Address Detail screen provides the user with all of the information pertaining to the specific service address.

The General tab provides address, contact and phone information for the specific location. In addition, it provides in bold print the current status of the Bill Acct and Service.

The Containers/Rate Categories tab displays the containers assigned to the customer and their respective rates.

The Routes tab displays the routes each container is currently assigned to, the day and the stop number.

The Status & Notes tab displays any information pertaining to the active, suspended or inactive status and any notes made regarding the service adddress.

The Service History tab displays the history for this service address. This tab shows all containers that have been assigned to the service address and other service related information.

The Mapping tab allows the user to create a map from a starting point to the actual service address. This can benefit the user by allowing them to verify the service address prior to scheduling a stop on a route.


The Routing window allows the user to add, modify or delete routes associated with the operation. The user has the ability to print driver route sheets, maps, turn by turn directions and much more.

Within this window, the user can re-senquence routes, move stops from one route to another manage their daily routes, and assign a driver to a route just to name a few options.

With our integration to other third party GPS applications, the system can send routes to in-vehicle units in order to assist the driver in their daily route.


The CompuRoute Module can interface with mapping solutions in order to print a map and/or turn by turn directions for your drivers. This information is integrated right into the application and with the click of a button turn by turn directions and a map can be generated for your drivers.

Route Sheet

Driver Route Sheets can be generated right from within the module with no special coding necessary. You simply tells Paradigm what information you want to appear on the route sheet and we will generate that information for your drivers.

By simply selecting the route sheet from a drop down list, the route sheet can be displayed and printed for your driver. In addition, you can save this route sheet as a file and email it as necessary.


The Dispatching window allows the user to add, modify or delete dispatches associated with the operation. The user has the ability to schedule dispatches for the current day or for future days, print maps, turn by turn directions and much more.

Within this window, the user can maintain their dispatches and assign them to drivers. In addition, the user has the ability to manage your inventory and assign any fees associated with the dispatch.

With our integration to other third party GPS applications, the system can send dispatches to in-vehicle units in order to assist the driver in completing their run.

Container & Rates

The Container & Rates window allows for easy access to your containers and their associated rates. The user has complete control over the fees associated with each type of container offered by your organization. In addition, you have multiple levels of rates depending on your configuration.

Rates can be assigned based on a number of collections a week, month, etc. The window also displays the inventory of the particular container to let you know where the container is located.


The Inventory window allows the user to maintain each container owned by the organization. The user has the ability to add information pertaining to that container such as when it was purchased, the tare weight, purchase price, category, whether it is assigned to a customer, which customer, etc.

The window also allows the user to select that the container is in Maintenance so that the dispatching staff will not assign this container to a customer. The window captures maintenance history along with photos of any damage to the container as well as a history of which customers this container has been assigned in the past.

General Report Writer

The General Report Writer is a very powerful tool. Once you have been trained by our staff on this tool, you to will agree this is a built-in report writer that allows superior reporting capabilities. The user has access to all fields within the database and can create, save, recall, print, and export reports right from one location. These reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or to a dilimited file. You have complete access to the data within your application. Pair a second to none report writer with the ability to incorporate Crystal Reports into the application and you have an awesome package.

CompuRoute - Reporting


The Posting window along with its multiple tabs, allows a user to export transactional data from the CompuWeigh System into our optional integrated Accounts Receivable and Aging Module or to a your third party accounting package. Paradigm Software will create a custom export containing the data you require to be imported into your accounting system and incorporate that into the software. Each day, week, month, or other bill cycle export you need to perform from our system will be quick and easy. This file will be created in the same format every time in order to eliminate duplicate entry into your accounting package. Paradigm has experience in exporting data to a number of accounting packages such as Microsoft Great Plains, Solomon, JD Edwards, QuickBooks, municipal billing systems, and many more.

CompuRoute - Posting