The design of our Products allows for a base application with the ability to expand based on your business requirements. The following represent the optional modules that can be added to your solution in order to customize the software for your operation.

Rules Module Define business rules within the system which will control what selections or combinations of selections are allowed to be processed at the scale. If a rule is violated, a message alerts the operator of the rule violation and shows acceptable entries.
Alerts ModuleSend email, text or pager messages when a specific event happens with the WeighStation application.
RFID ModuleSeamlessly integrate with radio frequency devices (i.e. RFID, Proximity, etc.) in WeighStation, CompuWeigh or CompuRoute.
Insufficient Funds / Split Payments Module1) Capture additional information about customers that do not have sufficient funds to pay the tipping fee at the time of disposal. 2) Allow customers to provide multiple methods of payment (i.e. cash, check, coupon, credit card, etc.) for a single transaction.
Credit Card ModuleAccept credit cards using one of the many fully integrated credit card processors.
Bad Check ModuleTrack customers who have written bad checks (NSF) to the facility. This Module does not charge a per transaction fee and only checks to see if the customer has written a bad check to you.
WeighPass ModuleControls access into and out of a facility by providing access only to designated customers and staff during or after business hours. Prevent customers that have not completed a transaction from exiting the facility while allowing employees to exit through a by-pass lane.
Video ModuleDigital Video Recorder integration that has the ability to store fully searchable transaction information with the video so that you can easily locate and view this data at a later date (i.e. truck number, transaction number, etc.)
Signature Capture ModuleProvides electronic signature capture device integration in the WeighStation application. The customers signature is captured at the time of the transaction and stored in the database indefinitely. The customers signature can be printed on the ticket at the time of the transaction and viewed or re-printed at a later date.
Residential Tracking ModuleTrack residential usage down to the license plate, address, driver's license number, etc. You will be able to allow certain discounts or credits to customers during their trips to the facility based on your facilities requirements.
Message Queuing ModuleAllows remote facilities to operate independently of the central server by synchronizing data in near real-time through the use of a synchronization service. If the connection between the facilities is not available, all locations will continue to process without interruption. Once the connection is available, data from all sides is exchanged and updated system wide.
Gate ModuleProvides integration with access/barrier gates that may be installed before or after the scale or on by-pass lanes entering or exiting your facility. The Module requires a control panel to be purchased to allow for the hardware and software to communicate. The system can raise gates to allow traffic on or off of the scale or to enter or exit the facility based on the transaction process.
Light ModuleAllows WeighStation to control traffic lights that may be installed before or after the scale. This module requires a control panel to be purchased to allow for the hardware and software to communicate and for the system to change the light red or green based upon the transaction process.
Radiation ModuleIntegrates with radiation monitoring equipment to log radiation events at the scales. Optionally prevent radioactive material from entering the facility when used in conjunction with access controlled scales.
Drivers License ModuleProvides the ability to read a customer's drivers license into the system by scanning or optical character recognition (OCR). The system can store this information with the transaction.
Jobs ModuleTrack and associate job specific information assigned to your customers. When a transaction is processed at the scale, the operator can select the specified Job and the rates, materials, etc. will be available and utilized for the transaction. This information can be reported on and the Job can be closed once defined criteria have been met.
Accounts Receivable and Aging ModulePost transactions charged by accounts to an integrated Accounts Receivable and Aging Module where invoices, statements, credit/debit memos, applying of payments, reporting, etc. is performed. In most cases, this eliminates the need to export data to a third party accounting package.
Web Reporting ModuleProvides the ability to grant Web access to your customer base or employees, allowing them to view transactions associated with their account and create transaction reports at their leisure. Access is controlled by your facility staff and can be revoked at any time.
Check Verification ModulePerform check verification with a number of supported processors in order to verify that funds are available in the checking account before accepting payment. Some configurations allow electronic check conversion, which deducts funds immediately from the customer's checking account.
Scale Monitoring ModuleMonitor the activity on the scale to ensure that vehicles entering and exiting the scale have a transaction associated with the activity. If a transaction is not generated, an event is automatically raised and logged in the system.
GIS Mapping Integration ModuleProvides the ability to have the CompuRoute application integrate with third party GIS software in order to send and receive messages from vehicles assigned to routes, dispatches, etc.