Paradigm Software, L.L.C. offers weighing, routing, container tracking, dispatching and a number of other industry leading modules that assist you in the daily operation of your facility. These products are written in Microsoft .NET languages which provides the most advantageous solution for the industry.


The CompuWeigh™ System is the backbone of the software suite. This application provides the customer with a simple user friendly means of maintaining your accounts, trucks, transactions, reporting and posting to accounting systems (both integrated and external).


WeighStation is the point of sale application and contains the business rules for processing transactions at your facility(s). The application is configured based on your business requirements and is designed so that you can make modifications without additional programming.


CompuRoute offers you the ability to track your containers, create and maintain pickup routes, create and deploy dispatches, and record maintenance records for your equipment.

Optional Modules

The software contains a number of modules which can be add-ons to the already powerful application. These modules enhance the management of the facility by giving you more flexibility, control and oversight of your operation.

Optional Hardware

Paradigm Software, L.L.C. has integrated with numerous peripheral devices. This ranges from printers to complete unattended processing solutions.