Unattended Processing

Operate your facility 24x7 our fully customizable unattended system.

A typical unattended terminal includes:

  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Color LCD Monitor (sunlight readable at 1550 nits)
  • Qwerty Keyboard
  • Proximity Card Reader
  • Intercom System

The driver will pull onto the scale and the LCD display will state “Waiting for Scan” (or other wording based on your requirements). The driver will wave their proximity card in front of the proximity card reader and the system can prompt for additional information from the driver (if required). The driver can make the entry on the QWERTY keyboard based on a selection list on the LCD display. Once all additional information has been entered, the system will capture the vehicle weight from the scale indicator. If the vehicle has a stored tare weight, the system will complete the transaction and print the driver a ticket. If the transaction is not completed the driver will be required to return to an outbound scale and complete the transaction either from an unattended terminal or by a scale operator.

The system can also integrate to RF ID Readers, credit card readers, gates, loop detectors, lights, photo eyes, external display, cameras, radiation detectors, etc. With our envirnoment implemented software and hardware used throughout North America we believe we have the most integrated solution to meet your needs.

Unattended Terminal