A Complete Weighing and Routing Solution

Paradigm Software, L.L.C.™ offers a complete weighing and routing solution featuring scale software suitable for landfills, transfer stations, recycling centers, and more, with many optional modules to fit your organization's specific needs while also allowing your organization to grow without outgrowing your software. Paradigm Software, L.L.C.™ is the exclusive licensor of WeighStation® and our suite of solutions.


Screenshot of CompuWeight 6


  • 100% .NET managed codebase and optimized for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Utilizes .NET Framework 4.8 (or above as it becomes available)
  • Single Executable for all applications

Integrated Support Desk

  • Easily upload your configuration to our servers for troubleshooting
  • Automated error tracking and all log files are stored in the database and message queued to your central server

Deployment and Disaster Recovery

  • Streamlined deployment and update process
  • User Access Control (UAC) friendly
  • Near real-time backup of configuration and features
  • Manage settings for all sites from the central office


  • All configuration settings and lookup tables are stored in the database
  • All settings and ticket layouts are stored in the database
  • Audit schema will keep a complete history of record changes

Additional Features

  • Batch reporting and scheduling
  • Quick Find Search
  • Single shared rate engine
  • Export reports to PDF, XLS, DOC or email reports as attachments directly from the application
  • Quality Assurance Testing performed on weekly Software releases

Screenshot of WeighStation 6

Processing in WeighStation

  • Single screen design for fast and accurate transaction processing
  • Default data entry by account, truck or transaction to reduce errors and speed up transaction processing
  • Support for direct TCP/IP, Serial or USB communication with capable hardware
  • Capture, Rate and Track mulitple materials per transaction
  • Thousands of configuration settings

Screenshot of CompuWeigh 6 reporting


  • ADHOC directly within the application
  • Save Reports for quick access
  • Set criteria directly within each report
  • Sort reports by various criteria
  • Export reports to PDF, XLS, DOC, printer or email
  • Totals Reporting
  • Batch various reports, schedule to run at a specified date/time

Unattended Operation

  • Supports integration with a number of peripheral devices (not a complete list) to automate your scale lane
    • Thermal Receipt Printer
    • Color LCD Monitor (sunlight readable at 1550 nits)
    • Keypad/Keyboard
    • Proximity Card Reader
    • Radio Frequency (RFID) Reader
    • Radiation Detectors
    • Gates
    • Loop Detectors
    • Photoeyes
    • Magnectic Stripe Writers/Readers
    • Barcode Readers/Scanners
    • Touch Screen Computers

An unattended scale box

A popular unattended terminal includes a thermal receipt printer, color LCD monitor (sunlight readable at 1550 nits), keyboard/keypad, proximity card reader, and an intercom system. Each terminal is built to meet your business requirements with your environment and climate in mind (heater, fan, exhaust, air conditioner).

WeighStation Cloud Module on a mobile phone

WeighStation Cloud Module™

With WeighStation Cloud Module™ you can take the industry standard weighing solution anywhere your operation demands. Streamline operations, reduce wait times, and improve the customer experience by processing transactions outside of the scale house.

Your Device

Designed for a range of mobile devices and form factors, from cell phones and tablets to laptops, based on your operational needs.

Your Data

In the cloud and on premise, access your data when and where you need it. Reporting, analysis, and payments are at your fingertips.

One System

WeighStation Cloud Module™ integrates with WeighStation™ CW6. Process transactions on your mobile device and bill them from your existing accounting package.

Scale Intelligence tools

Scale Intelligence™

Harnesses the capabilities of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with WeighStation Scale Intelligence™. Scale Intelligence™ provides a set of tools that help accelerate processing, reduce errors, and identify issues.

Accelerate Processing

Complete entries faster using recommendations based on a deep analysis of transactions.

Reduce Errors

Ensure the integrity of each transaction by warning scale operators when Scale Intelligence™ detects likely data entry errors.

Flag Issues

Scale Intelligence™ identifies and flags potential issues for system administrators to review and take corrective actions when required.


  • Automated reports sent out directly from the application
  • Automated ticket system
  • Automated internal reporting
  • Automated system backups

Remote/Low Contact Features

  • Unattended kiosk
  • Remote implementation options


  • Accounts Receivable and Aging
  • Message Queuing
  • WeighPay (Credit Card Processing)
  • Alerts/Rules
  • Unattended (RFID, Gates, Lights, Photoeyes, etc.)
  • Insufficient Funds/Split Payments
  • Touch Screen
  • Signature Capture
  • Disposal Authorization/Letter of Authorization
  • Bad check
  • WeighPass
  • Scale Monitoring
  • Web Reporting and Payment
  • Custom Free Units
  • Video/Picture
  • Offenses
  • Jobs
  • Driver's License Scanning
  • Radiation
Screenshot of CompuRoute Route Map

CompuRoute Routing

  • Manage your routes through an easy to use interface
  • Easily move stops from route to route
  • View all routes in an easy to read calendar
Screenshot of CompuRoute Schedule Calendar

CompuRoute Dispatching

  • Quickly add new dispatches for scheduling today or in the future
  • Easily assess the correct fees for delivery, pick-up, container fees and more
  • Efficiently manage your dispatches from a single screen