The WeighStation Stratus™ Suite

A powerful suite of tools to connect your clients and employees to the information and resources that they need to get the job done anywhere on any device.


Reports on demand, in your browser, on your device.

Transform how you manage and engage with your accounts using Web Reporting. Give Billing and Hauling accounts instant access to critical reports and vital information, reducing calls to administrative staff. Granular access controls allow you to determine exactly what information each user and account can view. Allow your accounts and staff to save time, lower overhead costs, and make well-informed decisions.

Digital Statements

Quick, convenient, streamlined billing.

Empower your accounts with immediate access to statements anytime, anywhere, eliminating the wait for mail deliveries. Reduce both direct and hidden administrative costs of traditional paper statements. Reissuing missing statements due to delays or misplacements will become a thing of the past.

Electronic Bill Payment

Instant, reliable, and secure payments.

Get paid faster. With electronic bill payment, your accounts can settle invoices via Credit Card or ACH. Enjoy swift deposits into your bank account while your administrative staff focuses on your core business

Cloud Backup

Protect your data with cloud backups on standby when disaster strikes.

Your data is vital, and having reliable offsite backups is essential for disaster recovery. Our cloud backup service acts as a shield against both physical and cyber threats, ensuring rapid recovery. With cloud backups, you can confidently safeguard your critical information and maintain business continuity under any circumstances.